Filling triblocks.

Line for filling milk into glass and PET bottles.
This popular Tauras-Fenix product line allows for filling liquid products in bottles up to 10 liters and plastic canisters. The process results in sealing with tamper evident plastic caps. Dairy product contact surface is made of acceptable corrosion-resistant steel and plastic. Milk bottling machine is also used for packing cream, kefir, drinking yoghurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream and condensed milk.

Tauras-Fenix offers lines for packing milk in PET bottles for flexible price according to your requests. The automated machine can be set for your room size and equipped with optional modules for labeling and group packaging into cardboard trays.

Vertical filling & packaging machines for liquid products

Stainless steel version and a low-cost version for small-scale production are available. The machine is complete with a piston pump for dispensing liquid products into heat-sealable bags. High performance is combined with defoaming and removing air excess from the package. The machine is designed for filling and packaging milk, yogurt, mayonnaise, kefir and sour cream.

Filling and packaging Gable Top machine.

Milk is packaged in Gable Top bags of high-density carton with double-sided polyethylene coating. The machine forms bags of 0.25 and 1 liter, seals the drain fittings and tops of the bags and stamps the date and necessary marking. This dairy industry machine can be adapted to your specific production and completed with additional equipment if necessary (group and transport packaging equipment with pallet and tray forming).
Rotary machines for filling dairy products into cups.

Wide spectrum of Vertical Pastpak machines are designed to pack dairy. They work with pre-made containers that move from the dispenser along the conveyor. Dosing, sealing, date stamping, marking and delivery to the discharge table are done automatically.

Rotary machine allows for packing dairy products into the following types of containers:
  • plastic cup with a foil lid and additional plastic topper;
  • plastic container with a foil lid and a topper;
  • two-section container;
  • plastic bucket with a lid;
  • lamister packaging (for pate, cream cheese spread);
  • glass containers;
  • tin packaging.

The machines package all types of dairy and fermented milk products: sour cream, milk, kefir, yogurt, drinking yoghurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, cream, condensed milk, cream cheese spread and fresh cheese.
Contact Tauras-Fenix consultant and select the right equipment for a reasonable price.


The choice of filling equipment depends on the budget of your business and the process requirements. Filling machines vary not only in the capacity and volume of the packaged products, but also in the filling method, the operating principal and the trajectory of the container movement. The line for filling milk into bags and other containers can operate on the principle of vacuum technology or using excessive/atmospheric pressure. The line can operate on a continuous basis or have a predetermined working time interval. The line can consist of separate linear units or be a rotary-type automatic machine.
Consultant at Tauras-Fenix will help you with all the features affecting the choice of equipment.


Milk is a perishable product subject to certain conditions while packaging and filling into containers. Sterility, maintaining the required temperature and filling speed are key points. A modern automatic line for filling milk into bags allows for quick packaging products without losing quality or taste. A milk processing plant can use separate units or less efficient machines.
  Tauras-Fenix offers modern equipment for filling milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, drinking yoghurt and other liquids of various viscosities and consistencies. Multipurposeness of Tauras-Fenix machines is its unique feature that allows for packaging not only dairy products, but other viscous pasty and gel-like products as well. Milk filling is similar to the process with other liquids: the product flows from the tank into containers, then the bottles are sealed, labeled, marked and placed in trays. Tauras-Fenix offers more than one milk filling line, the price of each machine is specified upon request.


Tauras-Fenix offers several kinds of equipment for filling dairy products into five main types of packages: 
  1. Pillow bag - a soft bag, sealed on three sides, commonly used for packaging not only dumplings or salt, but also kefir and milk.
  2. PET bottles - plastic containers: lightweight, durable, stable, transparent, recyclable.
  3. Glass bottles.
  4. Cup - a plastic cup with a foil lid and a transparent plastic topper: for yoghurt, sour cream and cottage cheese. It is made of shatterproof material, safe for products, durable, stable, preserves the taste and quality of fermented milk products.
  5. Gable Top - common milk carton: packaging with gables at the top, with or without a sealed screw cap. It is sustainable, attractive, easy to transport and dispose, with good product protection properties, can be used for packaging milk and kefir with capacity of 0,2 to 2 liters.