Used Cat Natural Gas Engines

Used Cat® Natural Gas Engines

You rely on Cat® natural gas engines to power the equipment you run for success. When you're in need of a replacement engine, going with a used assembly is cost-effective.

Mustang Cat is here with equipment providing different levels of power. Get various natural gas engine models from a single source.

About Our Used Natural Gas Engines for Sale

Natural gas engines give you all the power of diesel builds without the increased costs. Expect the technology you see from Mustang Cat to serve you well in different environments. Many professionals in your industry prefer Cat natural gas engines over diesel counterparts due to the reduced emissions that help protect the environment, as well.

Each natural gas engine in our inventory benefits from Caterpillar's history in the business. This equipment brings you the best user experience and performance. With Mustang Cat, you get the satisfaction of knowing your used natural gas engines undergo routine inspection and testing — your investments are ready to serve you from the moment they are configured.

We also carry used Cat natural gas engines that experienced a complete overhaul. This means you can get an assembly with zero working hours since it was rebuilt by our technicians.

Advantages of Purchasing Used Engines

Purchasing used natural gas engines through Mustang Cat offers several benefits:

  • Ready for work: All Cat natural gas engines in our collection receive ongoing care.
  • Less downtime: Buying one of our natural gas engines ensures your assembly is dependable.
  • Better pricing: Purchasing used equipment enables you to get more for less, whether you're buying one engine or enough for a fleet.
  • Outstanding availability: With used natural gas engines, the models you see on our site are available for immediate pickup or delivery.
  • Hold their value: Caterpillar is a leader in the industry. The engines you purchase from Mustang Cat are built to last for years and maintain their value.

Work With Mustang Cat for Used Engines

Mustang Cat is the official Cat dealer of Southeast Texas including Houston, Beaumont, Lufkin and Bryan. Our team makes it easy to decide on Cat natural gas engines, as we have more than a dozen locations where you can see equipment firsthand and ask questions. 

Speak to one of our representatives about purchasing Cat equipment for your fleet by completing a contact form, or request a quote.

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