The claim to the novelty is:

a. Extraction of the exhaust vapors from the expansion vessel of the preexpander, in order to recover the thermal energy, which would otherwise be lost
b. Noise level reduction by eliminating evaporation over the roof
c. Prevention of contamination of the air and the surrounding area by polystyrene dust, remains of coating material, escaping blowing agent (pentane) and residual styrene
e. Use of the negative pressure in the expansion vessel to decrease the temperature of the steam in such a way, that densities of over 25 g/l can be processed with a constant flow, saving enery by decreasing the volume of compressed air : no high density unit required to cool down the steam.

In order to achieve this, a device must be installed in the exhaust steam chimney of the preexpander, that enables a connection to VIRO's central vacuum system and ensures, that an appropriately controllable negative pressure is available at all times, which removes the exhaust vapors from air, condensate, residues of blowing agent etc. into the condenser of the vacuum system. The extracted energy is now stored in the water of the vacuum condenser and the impurities and residues of blowing agent are washed out. The energy stored in this way can be used for heating purposes in a separate circuit, using a water/water or water/air heat exchanger. The extracted blowing agent and residual styrene gases are discharged on the pressure side by the vacuum pumps.

February 2022: Downstream Equipment for XPS

January 2022: complete EPS plant based on 4m block length

October 2021: Blockmould TNG-6 for our customer in Finland
Block size: 6.150-4.000 x 1.400-800 x 1.260 mm, Double Adjustement, Density Correction Module, Block Compression System, Block Weighing System, Closed Loop Water Cooling System
NEW FEATURE: Energy and Emission Recuperation from existing Preexpander

September 2021: Special contour cutting machine for tank insulation products.

Click HERE to watch the video.

August 2021: Fully automatic cutting line for our customer in Slovak Republic.

August 2021: Block Elastification Press HULC-5 for our customer in Serbia.

July 2021: complete EPS plant for our customer in Israel

June 2021: PPZA-1300 TANDEM packaging machine for PUR/PIR panels.

Watch the video here: PPZA-1300 TANDEM

May 2021: Mineralwool Handling System consisting of:

- VIROBOT for skids and pallets
- VIROBOT for bundles and sheets
- ORBITER 1500 for stretch wrapping of bundles

Watch the video here: MW Handling 2021

April 2021: PPZA-1300 packaging machine, VIRO-BOT sorting- and handling system on rails, STRETCH-HOOD bale wrapper, for our customer in Austria.

Watch the video here: VIRO-BOT-STETCH-HOOD

March 2021: VIRO completed the purchase of another industrial property, so that the current production facilities can be significantly extended.The acquisition of this neighboring property allows for a necessary expansion, in order to meet the increased demand for technologies and mechanical equipment for the insulation industry.

March 2021: Fully automatic cutting line FOAMLINE HVQ-4 for our customer in Hungary.

• Block magazine with tilter
• Horizontal sheet cutting station "H" with AWS
• Vertical trimming station "V"
• Length cutting station "Q"
• Destacker
• Packaging machine PPZA-1300/12


February 2021: Special cutting line for TAPERED ROOF SHEETS for our customer in Germany

• Block splitter and -lift with bottom scrap removal
• Vertical trimming with lateral scrap removal
• StyroDesign Contour Cutter with stationary wires
• VIRO-BOT for sorting and handling tapered sheets

January 2021: Upgrade of a StyroDesign Contour Cutter with automatic sorting and handling VIRO-BOT.

November 2020:

• Blockmould TNG-38 for our customer in the Netherlands
• adjustable rear wall, 100% regrind blocks

October 2020:

• complete EPS factory based on block size 4.000 x 1.000 x 1.400mm
• Preexpander, Silos, Blockmould TNG-4, Cutting Line FOAMLINE HVQ-4, Recycling System

September 2020: New STYROPLOT S-20 foam cutter for flat roof products

• tapered roof sheets
• hip- and valley sheets
• roof saddle
• 2D shapes
• 3D shapes by sequential cutting


August 2020: Implementation of an EPS contour cutting system into a fully automated line, to process Structural Insulated Prefabricated Panels (SIPS):

The VIRO EPS Cutting System works fully automated and remotely controlled. It contains one solid cutting frame, allowing a cutting wire span of 5.000 mm, travelling on linear bearings over the entire panel length of 12.000 mm. The high-temp alloy cutting wire cuts the overlap of EPS on the panel front, also providing a smooth surface, while travelling over the whole panel area. The operator can also manually set parameters for each panel type, and store these settings in a recipe.

July 2020: StyroDesign HS for our customer in Germany:

• StyroDesign HS for cutting tapered roof sheets
• Marking station DAL-I
• VIROBOT handling- and sorting system
• automatic scrap removal system
• STARGATE bale wrapper
• automatic skid cutting & feeding system

Mai 2020: Fully automated tongue & groove cutting & packaging line delivered to Canada

April 2020: StyroDesign GHVX for our customer in Canada:

• block magazine and tilter
• length cutting station "G"
• sheet- and shape cutting station "H"
• automatic scrap removal system
• with cutting (trimming) station "V"
• length cutting station "X" cross cutter

March 2020: New Preexpander Series VPX-3500 for our customer in Germany:

• Electronic weighing system
• Foaming vessel in conical design with wedge wire base
• Fast material discharge through bottom butterfly door
• Frequency controlled agitator speed
• Fluidized bed with z segment structure drying floor
• Digitally controlled regulation valves for steam and air
• Integrated pentane collection line for processing of low pentane material

February 2020: Shape-, sheet- and pad cutting machine STYRODESIGN HV-4, delivered to our customer in Belgium

Click here to see the video.

January 2020: Two blockmoulds for grey and white EPS, delivered to our customer in Austria.

Click here to see the video.

Happy New Year to all our customers !
Thank you for your collaboration, you made 2019 to the most successful year in the history of VIRO EPS-SYSTEMS.

October 2019: K-2019 plastic show in Germany

September 2019: Elastifying Block Press

• Block Compression for PS-T or EPS-T products according to EN 13163
• DIN 4108 Teil 10 DES sm – max. 4 kN/m2
• Pressing Stroke: variable from 0 – 70 %,
depending on block orientation, density and type of EPS-T product
• up to max. 1.000 mm stroke

August 2019: New concept for cutting tapered roof products

• Block splitter with lift
• Turning cross
• Trimming station "Q" - also cuts rebated edges !
• StyroDesign HS cutting machine
• Marking station DAL-I
• Handlingsrobot VIRO-BOT
• BANDALL banding machine
• Balewrapper STARGATE

click here for the VIDEO

July 2019: new extension to the cutting line of our customer in Germany:

• DAL-I marking system for tapered roof sheets
• VIRO-BOT handling robot
• BLADERUNNER edge trimming system
• PPZA-1300/12 packaging machine
• PA-1500 palletizer
• ATLANTIS bale wrapper

click here to watch the VIDEO

June 2019: installation of the new blockmould TNG-6 in Germany.

• high tech blockmoulding system for white and grey EPS
• adjustable block size: L 6.0 - 4.0 x W 1.0 x H 1.4 - 1.0m
• vacuum system with closed loop water cooling
• fast change screen system
• block data management

click here to watch the VIDEO

May 2019: StyroDesign HS with DAL-I marking unit, 2 machines for our customer in Germany, for cutting tapered roof sheets, hip- and valley sheets and roof saddles.

• 26 wires for contour cutting
• 26 temperature controlled leading wires
Data Application on Linear bearings with Inkjet printer
• VIRO-ROOF software

April 2019: New cutting line concept FOAMLINE GHVX for our customer in Belgium.

• Blockmagazine and tilter
• Length cutting station "G"
• De-Stacker
• FOAMLINE HV with AWS and oscillation
• Orbital Wrapper ORBITER 1500
• FOAMLINE X - Cross Cutting Station
• Fully automatic Recycling System

Cut sheets, shapes, bits and pieces from large block size 6.0 x 1.2 x 1.2m.

March 2019: Fully automatic Handling System for a Laminating Line, combining cement fibre board with mineralwool, EPS, PIR or other insulation materials, installed at our customer´s works in Germany. VIDEO

February 2019: new machinery for our customer in Czech Republic
• Blockmould TNG 5 with adjustable bottom and rearwall
• Foamline G-HVQ with complete Downstream
• Styroplot Contour Cutter for tapered roof sheets
• PPZ1300 Packaging machine

January 2019: NEW STYROPLOT
• 5-axis contour cutter
• swiveling frame 90 degrees
• for horizontal and vertical cutting orientation
• 15 cutting wires
• VIRO-ROOF software
• integrated turntable
• 3D shapes by sequential cutting

ONE UNIT ON STOCK - ask for an offer !

December 2018: extension for FOAMLINE HVQ-6
• DAL-I marking station
• BLADERUNNER edge trimming system
• Handlings System Type VIRO-BOT
• 4-Side Packaging System Type PPZA-2000
• Bale Forming System PA-1500
• Pallet Wrapper Type ATLANTIS-2000

November 2018: cutting line for 8m long blocks

October 2018: StyroDesign HVX-4

September 2018: Start-up of New EPS Production Line in Denmark

• Blockmould Type TNG-2.5
• Cutting Line Type FOAMLINE-HVQ-2.5
• Handlings System Type VIRO-BOT
• 4-Side Packaging System Type PPZA-1300
• Pallet Wrapper Type ATLANTIS
• Recycling & De-Dusting System
• Complete Steam Plant

August 2018: AFP 6-side Packing Machine

July 2018: StyroDesign HS25 with DAL-I marking system
Contour Cutter for tapered roof sheets and roof saddles

June 2018: FOAMLINE-HV-2, cutting line for bits & pieces
• Horizontal Cutting Frame H - 81 wires
• AWS automatic wire positioning
adjustable inclination (60 degrees)
• Vertical Cutting Frame V - 51 wires
• AWS automatic wire positioning
• adjustable lateral guides

May 2018: Start-up of New EPS Production Line in Romania

• Blockmould Type TNG-5
• Continous Multistage Preexpander
• Cutting Line Type FOAMLINE-HVQ-5
• Handlings System Type VIRO-BOT
• 4-Side Packaging System Type PPZA-1300
• Pallet Wrapper Type ATLANTIS
• Recycling & De-Dusting System
• Complete Steam Plant

April 2018
DS Smith Plastics in the UK invests in an Energy Efficient EPS Block Moulding Machine with Integrated Recycler.

March 2018
Fully automatic Longwire Contour Cutting System STYRODESIGN XLV, designed for our customer in Mexico.

February 2018
FOAMLINE HVG panelcutter for a customer in Germany, a compact configuration of the FOAMLINE modules, space saving and unbeatable in price.

January 2018
Cutting line for sheets and shapes, new configuration for one of the big players in Germany: STYRODESIGN PG-HSVX.
The block is cut clean on 4 sides by the new "Peeling Unit", a Guillotine cuts the front, then separates the 5m block into 1m slabs.

December 2017:
NCC-1701 is the new flagship in our fleet of foamcutters, with its seven (7) axis, it can automatically set up to 31 wires with 2m span, tilt the cutting frame 0-90 degrees from horizontal to vertical orientation and cut 3D shapes by using the sequential cut in the StyroDesign software.
New Contour Cutter 2017 01 is the first of its kind - with this design
we boldly go, where no machine supplier has gone before !

Click to see the video

November 2017: All you want for Christmas
Spares, accessories, modules and components to retrofit your line, VIRO can fulfill (almost) all the wishes of the EPS converter.


October 2017: Complete EPS-Plant
Based on the powerful TNG-25 blockmould, this EPS plant is the most compact, efficient and flexible configuration for middle sized companies: fully automatic operation and energy saving process with the best price/performance value.

September 2017:
VIRO´s Blockmould TNG Series for eco-friendly production meets the highest demands on flexibility, productivity and energy efficiency.
- Waste Steam Energy Collection System
- No emissions over the roof
- System to heat up the feeding water of the boiler
- System to heat and ventilate the silo and block storage area
- Unique screen changing system for easy and fast cleaning
The project included a complete STEAM PLANT, mounted in a 40ft container, plug-and-play.

The "working horse" for EPS converters, who prefer compact and versatile machines, delivered to one of our dearest customers in Germany.

Click here to see the video

July 2017: FOAMLINE G-HVQ5
The ultimate cutting line with a capacity of up to 100m3/h when cutting blocks 5.0 x 1.2 x 1.0m can switch to a "stop-and-go" production with blocks as small as 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.2m for flat roof products. Automatic marking with ink-jet, de-stacking and sorting with VIRO-BOT, 4-side packing and bale wrapping system with auto skid cutting and feeding. See the VIDEO in our Movie Section.

June 2017
Downstream equipment for the new MINERAL-WOOL plant in Austria, to see a VIDEO of the special gripper for VIRO-BOT, click here !

February 2017: Recycling
VBM-1400 grinder is our most powerful crusher for large and heavy EPS slabs and XPS sheets.
The most compact recycling system VBM-600 is mainly used for shredding sheets up to 100mm, it includes a small DeDuster.

January 2017: TNG-8 Blockmould
- adjustable block length 8.200 - 6.000 mm
- adjustable block height 1.800 - 1.250 mm
- compression for high regrind content
- block weight correction system
- closed loop cooling system

Click here to see the video

December 2016
Delivery of a 6-side packaging system to our customer in Canada:
- 6-side packaging machine type AFP-1200
- Fast film changing system and crane
- Shrink Tunnel Type VST
- Stacker Type SA-3000
- ORBITER-3000 horizontal stretch wrapper
- Automatic skid feeding unit with magazine

October 2016
The biggest Plastics Show on earth:
Thank you very much for your visit - see you at K-2019 !

June 2016
Presentation of the new STYROPLOT contour cutting with independent axis control for cutting tapered roof sheets:
The cutting frame can be tilted from horizontal to vertical cutting direction for cutting of corner sheets with multiple wires.

Click here to see the video

May 2016
During our IN-HOUSE EXPO we showed the TNG Blockmould with adjustable rear wall and adjustable bottom, the STYRODESIGN HV cutting line and the FOAMLINE HVQ cutting line with automatic downstream equipment.

Look at the video: EXPO 2016

March 2016
OPEN HOUSE with presentations to selected customers: The EPS machinery for a complete plant was displayed during our OPEN HOUSE: Cutting Line, VIRO-BOT, Packaging Machine, Recycling System and 2 TNG Blockmoulds could be thouroughly examined during the presentations.

Feb. 2016
StyroDesign XL-2 Contour Cutter with a wire span of 2.000mm for profiles or sheets.
41 wires in 1 minute, a wireless remote control, StyroDesign software for Design, Nesting for optimization of material utilisation and our high temp alloy cutting wire R41 make this machine unique in the industry today.

Jan. 2016
Blockmold featuring a continuous double adjustment system
for the production of blocks with different lengths and/or depths. The block volume can be continuously adjusted from 4,8 to 9,5 m3.

December 2015
VIRO-BOT handling and pallet wrapping system for XPS
The VIRO-BOT System featuring using our special gripping tool palletizes the products. The Stargate, VIRO´s horizontal pallet wrapper, will then wrap the bales and apply XPS skids. The line was commissioned in December 2015.

November 2015
Complete EPS production plant for a Serbian ETICS manufacturer
One of Serbias biggest producer of paints, plaster and mortar, placed an order with VIRO for a complete EPS production plant. The heart of the plant is VIRO´s blockmold type TNG togehter with the automatic cutting line type FOAMLINE and the VIRO-BOT system.

October 2015
StyroDesign-HVX : contour cutting line.
Sheets and shapes, fully automatic production with automatic scrap removal and auto wire setting on all frames, horizontal, vertical and crosscutter. Delivered to our customer in Canada.

September 2015
Complete EPS production plant
Installation in Serbia.

Click here to see the movie

July 2015
Compact Sheet Cutting Line FOAMLINE H-LWQ
The new FOAMLINE H-LWQ is a compact yet powerful cutting line for middle sized companies: a high quality machine for a very reasonable price, including the most important features of our high-end models.

Mai 2015
Thank you for attending our IN-HOUSE exhibition !
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending VIRO´s in-house exhibition in Logatec. We were very appreciative of the dozens of attendees that joined us to learn about everything that VIRO offers.

April 2015
Blockmold Type TNG -
Installation in Kosovo.
High performance vertical EPS block molding system TNG
Fully automated EPS cutting line Type FOAMLINE HVQ.

March 2015
StyroDesign G-HS-V-DALI -
Installation in Germany.
Fully automatic contour cutter STYRODESIGN GHSV for shapes and sheets, especially for products TAPERED ROOF.
DAL-I marking system in real operation.

Click here to see the movie

February 2015
StyroDesign G-HS-V-X BAND-IT -
Installation in the Netherlands.
Fully automatic contour cutting line for shapes and sheets, especially for TAPERED ROOF products.
Wrapping of film stripes with Band-it system.

February 2015
Cutting system Type BLADERUNNER -
Installation in Brasil
High speed LAJE / BOVEDILLA cutting and packaging line with automatic adjustment for fast product change

Click here to see the video

January 2015
Automatic EPS board processing and packaging lines -
Installation at a company in Austria.
Automated board processing and packaging line featuring the Hedghog system and our best seller the automatic packaging machine type PPZA.

Dezember 2014
Complete EPS plant -
Installation in Sweden.
The heart of the new plant is our block mould TNG-5, along with the automatic cutting line type FOAMLINE HVQ including an ABB robot for material handling, this plant is one of the most efficient and powerful EPS plants in Scandinavia.

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