Outdoor Fitness Equipment

At General Recreation, we offer the premium outdoor fitness equipment by Landscape Structures Inc. Landscape Structures Inc. is widely renowned for innovation and quality manufacturing of outdoor exercise equipment. We offer the complete line of Landscape Structures products. Below are a few of the most popular outdoor fitness systems and products.

HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness System

Health and wellness, family fun and a sense of community come together with this comprehensive system. County on a balanced workout for everyone ages 13 and over on these 14 individual stations.


FitCore™ Extreme

Landscape Structures’ custom designed FitCore™ Extreme features 27 pre-designed events which encourage teens and adults to get fit. FitCore™ Extreme is also available in a slightly smaller and less challenging version for 5 to 12 year olds.



HealthBeat ,Truly Innovative Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Parks

Equipment System Resistance training equipment from the gym can now be in your park, trail, school or playground. With numerous exercise machine options, these durable steel and hydraulic machines will turn your outdoor activity area to the next generation of parks or playgrounds. Equipment options include: Balance Steps, Squat Press, Plyometrics, Cardio Stepper, Assisted Row/Push-Up and more. The informative / instructional outdoor HealthBeat Signs provide clear illustrated instructions on the use of the machine. Using the most modern exercise methods, HealthBeat Fitness system, provides a customized workout for teens and adults at any fitness level. Its sleek, intuitive design complements any natural environment or outdoor setting.   Learn more about HealtBeat Fitness Equipment.

Outdoor  Fitness Equipment System for Youth

Outdoor fitness equipment built for children ages 5 to 12 years old, the Fitness Cluster provides fun while developing youth’s balance, agility and strength. Built to last, the Fitness Cluster is made of super-rugged construction. Its full range of fitness events include: Curved Balance Beam, C-Horizontal Ladder, Sit-Up/Push-Up Bench, Parallel Bars, Chin-Up Bar, Leg Lift with a metal instructional photo sign. Like almost all of the outdoor gym equipment sets that we offer, the layout can be customized to meet the needs of your park or playground. The Fitness Cluster is also exclusively made with our PlayBooster® components. Learn more about Landscape Structures Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

We offer the highest quality Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Parks, Schools, and Sports Facilities in PA, NJ, and DE