Commercial Food Peelers

Peel large batches of potatoes in under three minutes.

Models can peel from 15 to 60 lbs. of potatoes in three minutes

Stainless steel housing and drive shaft

Silicon, carbide-abrasive disk easily removed for cleaning

Heavy-duty hopper cover to monitor product

Heavy-duty motors for high volume and long life

Your employees' time is valuable. That is why the Hobart peelers work hard to free up hours of hand peeling time by doing loads more potatoes. With a stainless steel drive shaft and housing, peelers minimize waste and increase portions per load. Our peelers are versatile and can handle almost any spherical root vegetable.

Each unit is easy to use and clean with simple switches, a removable silicon carbide-abrasive disk and Lexan liner, heavy-duty polyester plastic hopper cover, and water inlets for thorough washing.



Increase efficiency with a faster, more accurate peel.

Our peelers are capable of handling large loads, from 15 to 60 pounds, all under three minutes. They’re not only quick but precise. Expect to eliminate waste and increase yield. This means more time for you and your employees to work on other tasks.

Easy to Clean and Operate

Easy to switch on and wash off.

Our heavy duty brushed aluminum lock-in hopper cover is easily removed for cleaning. Meanwhile, the rear mounted water inlet with a 5’ fill hose works with the curved surface of the hopper cover, promoting interior self-cleaning and preventing undesirable splash.


Save on time, labor and product

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel

Model Comparison

Model HP Lbs. Potatoes in 3 minutes Suitability
6115 1/3 15-20 Normal Production
6430 ¾ 30-33 High Production
6460M 1 50-60 High Production

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