Permanent Magnet Motors

Permanent magnet DC motors supplying high power and longevity

You require the same conditions from your electric motors that customers require from your products: cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. Nidec Motor Corporation takes pride in producing permanent magnet DC motors that display all three of these qualities. Well-suited to applications that need high torque as well as sustained torque across a variety of speeds, we supply first-class PMDC motors across a variety of renowned brands. Our experienced engineers can specially design motors customized to your unique requirements.


HURST brand

Customers have been trusting the exceptional products constructed under the HURST® brand since 1950, when a family-run tool shop set up business in Princeton, Indiana. That reputation for excellence has carried on for three generations of the Hurst family. Now, as part of the largest electric motor manufacturer in the world, the HURST brand continues supplying reliable permanent magnet DC motors and premium customer service.



The LEROY-SOMER™ brand creates high-performing and energy-efficient motors as part of the internationally renowned Nidec Motor Corporation. This brand has been pleasing customers since 1919, when it was founded in France. Highly regarded across the globe, our LEROY-SOMER brand PMDC motors power customer processes with precision. If longevity and efficiency are what you require, you need look no further.



Our MERKLE-KORFF™ brand began crafting quality motors in 1911, getting its start as a maker of small motors and gear motors. This brand is known for creating the first small gear motor in the 1920s and later innovating the simple cup-drop motor that was so pivotal in soft drink machine automation. Today, under the Nidec Motor Corporation umbrella, MERKLE-KORFF offers a full range of dependable PMDC motors that provide both extreme value and durability. Our PMDC motors under this brand are known for standing up to demanding applications such as door operators, material transport and money handling systems.


U.S. MOTORS brand

U.S. MOTORS® brand motors have been rolling off our assembly lines since 1908. This brand’s permanent magnet DC motors are ideally suited for use in applications that include blowers, compressors, pumps, fans and direct connected equipment – among many others. Our PMDC motors provide customers with a lot of power in a small package, delivering high levels of torque and maintaining torque across a range of different speeds. Both energy-efficient and long-lasting, you can depend on our motors to keep your processes running for as long as possible.

high efficiency permanent magnet motor