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How to recycle plastic?

PET material is one of the few thermoplastics that can be upcycled to achieve resin-like quality through SSP treatment. Today, post-consumer bottle flakes are successfully used for food-contact packaging, high-IV strapping bands, and filaments. Bottle-to-bottle recycling requires the highest standards in terms of decontamination.

Due to its favourable characteristics, the use of PET (polyethylene terephtalate) for food-contact packaging is a success story. But it also causes more PET waste, which in turn raises public interest in this issue. Recycling contributes significantly towards a positive perception of PET packaging: It increases ecological awareness and induces collection of post-consumer waste and obligatory reuse of recycled PET (rPET). Also major brand-owners jump on the bandwagon and promote low carbon footprint and resource conservation.

Sevenstars solution to wasted PET

Capacity : 

300-2000 kg/h


Suit for recycling Waste PET bottles, include Water bottles, Soft drinks bottles, Oil bottles,PE bottles/Milk bottles, PP bottles, etc.


The PET bottles recycling line is mainly composed of Single Shaft Shredder/Plastic Crusher, Helix Loader, Per-washer, Label Removing Machine, vertical Dewatering Machine, Dryer and other equipment.It is suitable for handling PET bottle. Material will be processed by label removing, crushing, washing, dewatering, and drying. The humidity of final output could be within 2%.The whole production line is easy to operate, efficient and low energy consumption.

Remarks from Customer

1. Sevenstars PET recycling washing line includes all the effective washing machines, such as PET bottle pre-washer and hot washer, high speed friction washer, 3 sets of floating washer and 1 set of high speed dewater machine, all of these can assure you get best quality PET flakes.
2. PET bottle pre-washer is very useful machine in this recycling line, which will help you remove as much dirty, impurity, label as possible. 
3. 6*40HQ containers are needed for the above machines, so if you tell me your destination port, I will let you know the CIF price.

Raw Material & Final Product

Project summary
Spare parts (for free)
 NO.  Item.  Spec.
 1  Material  Waste PET bottle without label
 2  Capacity  Capacity: 1000-1500 kg/h
 3  Final products size  <16mm
 4  Electricity power supply  380V; 50HZ; 3Phase
 5  Installed power  330 KW (which is not including the steam boiler power consumption)
 6  Power consumption/hour  230kw/h (around 70% install power)
 7  Water supply  The buyer should supply the water connection
 The buyer should have the pools and water to supplying to the machine
 The seller can by water treatment system supplier
 8  Plant area  >600 Square meter
 >5 meter height
 Estimate line size 70m (Length)* 8m(Width)* 4m(Height). We can make the line   turn as U or L shape to fit the plant
 9  Water consumption  About 10T/hr, but can recycling use upon build the filtering tank or water   treatment equipment.
 10  Manpower  4 Person required, 2 person feeding Bottle, 1 person packing and 1 person   manages factory.
 11  Others  Brand used in the Line: Contactor SIEMENS/ Schneider brand
 Machine color indicated by the seller
 12  Final flakes quality
   Technical Parameter  Specification
   Flakes size  <16mm
   Moisture Content  <1%
   PVC Content  <150ppm
   PH  7.5+/- 0.5
   Bulk density  250-400 kg/m3
   Intrinsic Viscosity  >0.70
   Non-PET  <150ppm
   Color  <200ppm
   Suitable to be used for  Polyester / PET strapping/Polyester Fiber/ PSF
   Item  Name  Qty  Application
   Mechanical   parts  Mechanical components: tighten screws,   nuts, etc.  1set  Mechanical tightening
   Sealer for all kinds of connection part  1set  Anti-leakage
   Bearing  2sets  Screw loader
   Bearing  2sets  High speed frication washer
   Bearing  2sets  Dewater machine
   Sharpener  5sets  For sharpener use
   Blade of plastic crusher  1set  For plastic crusher
   Screen mesh of plastic crusher  1set  For plastic crusher
   Belt for crusher and other  Many
   Other small spare parts  Many
   Electric parts  Fast acting fuse  2pcs  Electric cabinet
   Circuit breaker  2pcs
   AC contactor  2pcs
   Contactor relay  2pcs

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