Portable heavy-duty, lightweight grinding and lapping machine .
For “in-situ” operations or repair worksop and for the repair of all type of valves and valve seats. Key features:

  • Standard ranges: diameters from 1 ¼”” to 10, 24, 40, 64″”.
  • Available in air engine or electric engine 110VAC / 220VA
  • Versatile machine suitable for all kinds of vertical seating (gate valves, parallel seat valves, and control valves) and horizontal seating (ball valves and safety valves).
  • Equipped for facing and lapping of valve seats and corners.

Both seats inside the valve body are quickly machined with a single adjustment of the ORBIT holder. The standard supply

  • Includes a specific support for lapping of the gates.
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  • Wide range of valve diameters:
  • From 1 ¼” to 10, 24, 40, 64”
  • From 38 mm to 250, 405, 610, 1015 mm
  • Vertical / horizontal seats & valve gates
  • Orbital lapping head with mechanical drive
  • 2 types of configuration: valve gate and valve seat
  • Large set of abrasives supplied: small, medium and large (with different grits)
  • High material removal rate and accurate, smooth finish
  • Can be used in the workshop or on site
  • Robust but light
  • Available with air engine or electric engine 110VAC / 220VAC
  • Supplied with a compartmentalized and resistant transport case
Gate Valve Grinder Machine