15 Best Salad Choppers Reviews of 2022 You Should Buy

While a standard chef’s knife can handle the job, a salad cutter makes it quick and easy to chop your greens. The results are comparable to those at your local grab-and-go place. You can find the best salad choppers that fit your budget and space, and they are easy to clean.

A chopped salad is a great way to feel satisfied and healthy for having eaten lots of vegetables at once. They also taste delicious! This is a delicious, quick, and easy way to ensure you get your daily intake of vegetables.

A salad cutter, also known as a mandolin and vegetable cutter, is a convenient way to make a salad. These large, bowl-shaped units can be used to cut all fruits and vegetables in one go. These units can be used in a variety of ways, including different designs and techniques. However, they are quick, simple, and extremely convenient. We have compiled the top 10 best salad choppers in 2021 to help you choose the right one for you.

What Is A Chopped Salad?

Some people may find this strange, but chopped salads aren’t a common thing all over the globe. The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, and Subway in the USA are some examples of fast-food restaurants that offer chopped salads. However, they’re not as popular around the globe.

Chopped salads look just like regular salads, but all the ingredients are chopped. Chopped salads are a great way to enjoy a delicious and flavorful salad.

Chop salads can be expensive at restaurants and salad bars, but they are very easy to make at home. You can also use any ingredients that you want. You can make almost any kind of salad into a chopped one.

Benefits of Using Salad Chopper

Salad Chopper can be used for many reasons, but these are the most well-known.

Fast and Swift Cutting

This salad chopper is the best. In a fast-paced world, time is often considered the price for everything. We cannot ignore the importance of vegetables and food for our health.

It is unlikely that a traditional knife takes too much time to prepare a meal. A salad chopper can do it faster, more effectively, and more efficiently.


Safety is another advantage of using a salad knife. Traditional knives require little expertise to cut efficiently.

Sometimes you can cut your finger with a traditional knife. A normal salad chopper offers better safety features and keeps you from getting frequent finger cuts.

Tidy Kitchen Counter

You may not have a salad chopper if your kitchen isn’t organized during salad chopping. It is possible to find food parts, vegetable grimes, and fruit juice on the counter of your kitchen. This will require you to spend extra time cleaning it.

A salad chopper, which is a handheld device that cuts through the lettuce, comes with a bowl and two-quart trays. It also makes it easy to organize your kitchen, rather than using a traditional knife and cutter tray.

List of 15 Best Salad Chopper Reviews

1. Salad Cutter Bowl Upgraded Easy Salad

  • Although salad chopper bowls offer ease of cutting, the specifications vary. Websun’s salad cutter will dispel your fears about using regular salad cutter bowls. It is easy to use and efficient.
  • Rotating a bowl is necessary for precise cutting. Flat design bowls can be slow to rotate while they are very fast. Websun offers a quick and efficient solution. It has wavy-edge technology that allows for quick rotation. You might be able to save some time starting now.
  • Websun’s salad cutter bowl is made of BPA-free plastic. This means you will have an eco-friendly and non-toxic product. This bowl is made from HDPE+PP Food-Grade Material. This bowl is completely safe from any tension caused by toxic material.
  • The ‘Sink” bottom base design is better than any other on the market, avoiding juice leaking onto the cardboard. This allows you to have a clean counter and cut juicy fruits. It also has 4 functions in one bowl.
  • Websun’s double-rotation wings provide a better grip and a hassle-free rotation, which makes it easier to cut the salad accurately and efficiently. Its double rotation wings allow you to easily turn the bowl’s top in any direction.

2. Checkered Chef Mezzaluna Chopper

  • This mezzaluna salad cutter makes it easy to quickly and easily cut through vegetables and other ingredients. It has a plastic handle at the top that provides a comfortable grip.
  • This is especially important if you have suffered from any injuries to your shoulders, as some reviewers pointed out. The dishwasher-safe knife is highly rated and comes with a protective cover to protect it from damage.
  • This brand also makes a double-blade salad chopper. It can be used to speed up the process if there are lots of things to chop.

3. OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper & Bowl

  • OXO is the first on this list. This isn’t just a chopper. This bowl will make your job of making a great salad bowl easier.
  • The circular blade of this chopper’s chopper is made from stainless steel. Don’t worry about rusting. It chops leafy vegetables so well thanks to its sharp circular blades. To achieve great results, you don’t need to exert too much pressure.
  • It is extremely easy to grip. Non-slip handles. It is impossible to slip and injure yourself if your hands are extremely sweaty or you have a weak grip.
  • I love the bowl that comes with it. It can be used with circular blades. You can now have a clean countertop. The bowl is included. It is made of plastic with a good grip around the rim. It has a continuous curve that makes cutting easier.

4. Mezzaluna Knife Salad Chopper

  • The Mezzaluna chopper has high-quality stainless steel that is food-grade and top rubber. They are sharp and last a long time.
  • The stainless steel mezzaluna knife comes with a plastic cover to protect it from accidental injury, and keep it clean when not in use.
  • The mincing knife can be used to chop many foods such as cheese, onion, and carrot, as well as celery, peppers, garlic, ginger, and cucumbers. Easy to clean: Support hand wash, dishwasher wash.

5. Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

  • This transparent, hand-powered food chopper with a green base and lid is a great addition to any kitchen. It was rated as one of the top salad choppers on the market.
  • The large, three-bladed blades can be used to chop large pieces of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats, nuts, and even frozen ice. It is powerful and can be used as an all-purpose chopper. You can save a lot of money by not having to purchase a separate food processor.
  • It doesn’t require electricity to operate so you can use it wherever and whenever you want. It’s the ideal companion for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.
  • This product is also very easy to use. After all the ingredients have been added, lock the lid and pull the cord to release. You can clean it by simply loading it into the dishwasher.

6. Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper

  • The Brieftons QuickPull is a versatile tool that makes it easy to cut vegetables. It’s also very easy to assemble, use and maintain. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to cook delicious meals quickly and easily.
  • This lid will eliminate any watery eyes caused by chopping onions. Simply place the onions in the bowl, cover it with the lid and they will chop easily. Your eyes will remain protected and free from tears.
  • This unit’s greatest feature is the fact that it can be used for more than just salads. You can use it for everything: chopping nuts, salsa, pesto, and salsa, as well as boneless meat. This manual model can be used on the move with an insulated lunch bag to create delicious meals at work.
  • The Brieftons QuickPull makes it easy and convenient to prepare food. Just pull the cord a few more times and your ingredients will be chopped.

7. Mueller Salad Spinner with QuickChop Pull Chopper

  • This latest model Mueller Salad Spinner and Chopper has superior functionality and value. You can wash and dry leafy lettuce, chop vegetables, fruits, and other foods with this multi-purpose kitchen tool. The Salad Bowl can be used as a serving dish or as a container for vegetables and fruits.
  • You can make healthy and quick meals with this 2-in-1 Salad Spinner/Food Chopper. These items might have been consumed more often once the salad spinner was in your kitchen. It’s easy to prepare meals for your family. In no time, you can combine perfectly chopped onions, cucumbers, and carrots into your salad.
  • It’s economical and eco-friendly. There is no electricity, mess, or noise. Made from high-quality, food-grade materials. There is no risk to your health. Salad Spinner with QuikChop Pull Chopper has a lid that retracts with a pull cord mechanism. This makes it an efficient way to dry and chop ingredients while meal preparation.
  • This is a major problem when people try to eat healthier. Washing lettuce and greens are time-consuming. The whole process can also be a hassle. Our 2 in 1 Salad Spinner and Chopper are smart appliances that will save you time and help improve your cooking skills.

8. Lermie Salad Cutter Bowl: 60 Second Salad Maker

  • The Lermie Salad Cutter Bowl makes it easy to make delicious salads in just minutes. The versatile cutter can be used to cut fruits, vegetables, and lettuce in no time.
  • This cutter has everything you need to cut vegetables separately, saving space, time and effort. For maximum safety and durability, this unit is made with high-quality materials. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy and quick cleanup.

9. Vegetable Slicer Dicer WEINAS Food Chopper

  • The Vegetable Slicer dicer Weinas can be used as a versatile kitchen tool. With eight blades, it makes cutting and peeling a breeze. It can be used to make salads with different vegetables. It is simple to add ginger or cheese to your salad. The grater can create fine pieces of cheese and give you the option to enjoy the final product.
  • It’s never been easier to make a salad that looks professional. The blades make your cucumbers and carrots thin, while the three other blades allow you to cut your vegetables into different sizes. You can have your salad in whatever size you like.
  • The juicer plate is another great addition. You can use it to make citrus dressings, mix Vinegar and dress your salad. Vegetable slicer Weinas is safe because it comes with a vegetable holder. This prevents the risk of injury from the sharp blades. It can hold 6.26 cups of salads, making it a great tool for large families and small ones.
  • The salad chopper can be used safely and is healthy and will last many years. BPA-free plastic and no rust in the blades make it ideal for salad preparations. It can be used confidently to prepare healthy salads whenever you desire.

10. Salad Knife Chopper with Protective Cover

  • High quality, premium quality, made from high-quality food-grade chrome steel, strong, extremely hard, and anti-rust. 100% protected for daily use.
  • Great for chopping and mincing vegetables, herbs, greens, and nuts. Simply throw them in the slicing bowl/slicing board.
  • Double-sharp chrome steel blades make it easier to cut in the kitchen. The blade spacing is large enough that nothing will be caught.
  • The blade cowl protects the blades from damage when they are not in use. It is lighter and easier to carry around for picnics, camping, trips, or tenting.

11. Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

  • If you are a fan of the blade but don’t want it to contact the bowl you use for a quart tray, Trudeau Toss is the product for you. Trudeau Tosss is the right product for you. Trudeau Toss is our top choice due to its simplicity of use as a chopped salad utensil. It also has other great features that you should look at.
  • Trudeau Toss is different from other salad cutters because it has a jaw design. Because it can hold the fruits and vegetables inside, jaw design allows for greater efficiency. It doesn’t require a supporting hand to hold the vegetables or fruits.
  • This salad chopper is made from food-grade stainless steel, which prevents rust. Stainless steel has a long life span and Trudeau’s double blades offer micro-serrated edges. It is also extremely sharpen-resistant and can be used for many years without needing to be sharpened.
  • Soft-grip handles with ergonomic design offer comfort and ease in vegetable chopping. Trudeau Toss’s soft-grip handle provides a smooth movement for your fist muscles, allowing you to chop with no pain.
  • Trudeau Toss’ lock-shut storage system makes it easy to store and protects against accidental finger cuts. It also comes with a book of chopped salad recipes. This book will allow you to make a variety of salads and provide quick and easy meal preparation.

12. KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

  • This electric salad chopper is the best. It has stainless steel blades and shreds lettuce quicker than any other. Its power makes it extremely versatile and easy to use. Although I have a large food processor, I was amazed at how often I used this chopper to do my daily kitchen tasks. It’s much easier to use. This chopper is a fan, with a 4.6-star rating. It also has over 9,000 reviews.
  • You can chop ingredients at two speeds or pulse, or even puree them. This bowl holds just 3/4 quarts and can make hummus, guacamole, or diced carrots, or even sliced kale. You can also blitz in tougher ingredients such as whole nuts. The lid’s drizzle basin can be used to make a delicious salad dressing. The bowl’s pour-spout allows you to drizzle the dressing without spilling any. These parts can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • This larger salad cutter will need to be placed on your counter or in your cupboard. However, its cord wraps underneath the base to make it more compact. Choose your favorite color among more than 12 options, including matte black and red as well as white.

13. Jawanfu Handheld Salad Chopper

  • The Salad Chopper features double stainless steel blades with sharp edges. The curved blades allow for rock motion, which means less effort and energy.
  • The blades of the salad chopper are made from 3CR14 stainless, a thicker steel material that is more durable and can withstand long-term use.
  • The herbs stripper comes with 8 holes and 6 semicircles that are different sizes. This kitchen tool makes it easy to remove leaves from herbs such as rosemary and thyme, or vegetables such as kale. The stripper can also be used to remove food stuck between the blades of the salad chopper.
  • This salad chopper has protective covers that allow for safe and secure storage, as well as to prevent the blade from becoming dull.

14. ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper 

  • Our last pick is a powerful food processor. The very sharp and heavy-duty blades will allow you to make many different food combinations. It has a handle that allows you to grip it well. The string can also be collapsed so that it can be stored in tight places.
  • You can make your favorite salsa in just five minutes. This tool can not only chop lettuce but also make your favorite smoothies. Smoothies are the best way to get a healthy boost.
  • It works well with salads, too. Once you’re done cutting, simply place it in a separate bowl. The interior of the model is designed to prevent food sticking. The product is compact and easy to carry around. It has a 3 cup capacity. It can also be washed in the dishwasher!

15. Portable Wireless Mini Food Processor

  • The mini food processor can be charged via USB. It also comes with a lightweight that is ideal for camping, backpacking, or barbecue.
  • This mini food processor is made from food-grade PC materials and high-quality stainless-steel blades. It does not contain BPA. This mini food processor can be used to mix baby food. This mini food processor comes with a magnetic safety lock. The motor will stop working if it is removed from the cup. This is extremely safe.
  • This mini food processor is very easy to use. To start the motor press and hold the top button. Release it to stop it. This allows you to control how much food is shred.
  • You can quickly get perfectly chopped food in a matter of seconds. This mini food processor can be used for up to 30 seconds at a time. This will prevent food from getting too chopped. You can restart it if it is not ready for shredding after 30 seconds.
  • This mini food processor comes with a 45W motor and a sharp, stainless steel blade. This mini food processor can chop garlic, onions, and peppers as well as peanuts, pumpkins, and other common foods quickly, which will save you time. The curved blade, which is an improved design, can help you cut more evenly and efficiently.

Buying Guide for the Best Salad Chopper 

It is not difficult to argue about the importance of learning about products before purchasing one. It is important to be able to identify the key features of each product before you can decide which salad chopper is best. You’ll find one that cuts quickly and easily. Let’s now look at the essential requirements to make the final purchase.


The salad chopper can be either electric or manual. A manual salad chopper is recommended as it is made from food-grade and healthier materials. Although the electric salad chopper takes less time, it’s designed for specific uses only.

You can slice and dice certain fruits or vegetables with an electric chopper but you will need extra equipment like a quart tray or a washing dish.

Blade Quality

There are many blade types on the market. You, my friend, have to decide which one is best for you. Rollover blades and a scissor-type knife made from stainless steel are better. However, the type of blade and the grip of the handle, as well as its use, can vary depending on one’s experience and other habits.


The performance of a salad cutter is determined by its cutting ability. This measurement is done with additional staff, such as a washing bowl or quart tray. The chopper’s blade type keeps it ahead of the rest. You’ll have better performance if you use either a double-edge blade or five blades, such as Jenaluca Herb Scissors and Nish Salad Hacker.

The performance of a chopper may differ depending on the material of its blade and sharp edges. You have to decide which product you prefer.


The size of the Salad Chopper refers to the size the quart tray is or the cutting board included in the package. The size of the chopper will depend on the needs of your family and the size of your family. You can choose the Messless Salad Chopper Set if your family is larger.

Operation and Maintenance

You know how to use knives and other cutting tools so you can choose whether your salad chopper is easy to use and maintain. You will need a chopper that is easy to use and maintain, such as the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Dicer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a salad chopper?

Salad chopper cuts vegetables and fruits in a healthier way than a traditional knife. You will need less effort to chop your salad. Salad chopper is usually safer than traditional knives. The continuous curve of the bowl makes the salad chopper bowl more efficient than traditional knives.

2. What is the best way to make a homemade chopped salad?

Fresh greens are the key to a great bowl of salad. For that extra kick, you can add chicken to your salad. Chop the greens into small pieces. Green beans can be boiled or steamed for three to four minutes. Next comes the dressing. The dressing should be the one you love the most. Tasty’s recipes are usually the best.

3. What salad chopper does subway use?

They use a double-blade rocking chopper in the subway. We recommend a single-blade salad chopper if you are looking to chop your salad in one bowl.

4. How do I clean my salad chopper?

Most salad choppers can be washed in the dishwasher. This means that you don’t have to do much cleaning. Be sure to separate the pieces that are not attached from one another and use the blade with care. Before storing, dry it thoroughly.

5. Can I use meat with my salad chopper?

It all depends on what model you have. You are the one controlling the blade with mezzaluna knives and salad cutter bowls, so it should work fine. We recommend that you slice your meat into two pieces.


It is possible to find the best salad chopper within your budget when searching for one. There are many features to choose from, so you can find one you like. This is a must-have tool for anyone who loves salads.

A good salad chopper should not only chop your salad quickly but also make it easy to clean. You might have a look at our products. You are the one who makes the final decision. Safety is the most important thing to remember when using a vegetable or fruit cutter.

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