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Seed Vac Bulk Seed Conveyor, bulk conveyor
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Still having buckets of fun? Time to get a

Gently transfer seed to your planter or drill on a cushion of air.

  • Easier than bags or buckets.
  • Fast! Fill 16 rows in 8 minutes.
  • Gain 2 hours of planting per day.
  • Save – buy your seed in bulk.
  • Faster planting increases yields.
Once you own a SeedVac you’ll never go back.

Say Goodbye to Seed Bags
Save your back and your body. Use a SeedVac Bulk Seed Conveyor, and you’ll have no more seed bags to haul and handle.

Faster Planting Means Higher Profits
High capacity seed delivery is now a reality with the SeedVac. Deliver up to 400 pounds per minute conveying soybeans—that’s eight bags per minute!

Easy to Handle and Easy to Use
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lightweight, easy-to-handle delivery hose and cyclone. At about 7 pounds, virtually any adult can hold the cyclone and fill your planter.

Fill 16 Rows Without Moving
Fill a 16-row planter without moving your gravity wagon or truck. With 25′ of delivery hose, you’re able to reach all seed boxes on a 40′ wide, 16 row planter.

Handier Than a Brush Auger
Don’t bother repositioning a brush auger. SeedVac saves you time—just hold the cyclone over the planter box and fill.

Bulk Conveyor is of great help when it comes to transporting bulk material from one place to another. From light weight to heavy duty, bulk conveyors come in variety of sizes. They are mostly portable and movable. Christianson offers you reliable, efficient world-class bulk conveyor at the most cost effective prices. The key to handling bulk material is the toughness, quality and strength of bulk conveyor and you get all of these and more in Christianson’s products.


It’s not just a machine – it’s a system.


The Seed Vac Bulk Seed Conveyor is available in two sizes.

Start with a SeedVac and add…………..

or if you’re using bulk seed boxes, we have several options available

Applications and Materials

SeedVac Owners Harness Air Power


With Your Gravity Wagon…. With Your Grain Truck…. With Your Hard-sided Seed Boxes


Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Bulk Bags
Material: Seed Soybeans

Innovative use of the SeedVac for conveying seed soybeans from bulk bags to planter. Note the articulating boom that swings out and over the planter!

SeedVac power unit mounted on back of trailer and SeedVac airlock and hopper fit nicely to the side under the trailer deck.

Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Wagons
Material: Seed Soybeans

By mounting the SeedVac power unit in the back of a pickup truck, it’s easy to provide conveying air to more than one wagon or trailer with SeedVac hoppers and airlocks. Flexibility and expandability are standard SeedVac features.

Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Bulk Boxes
Material: Seed Corn

A semi-trailer with six bulk boxes requires only one SeedVac power unit and airlock assembly to transfer seed to the planter.

Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Trucks
Material: Seed Soybeans

seed conveyor

A neat and clean installation of the SeedVac hopper/airlock assembly on a truck.

Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Wagons
Material: Seed Soybeans

This handy, sturdy, home-built gravity wagon is equipped with a SeedVac for filling planters with seed soybeans.

Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Bulk Boxes
Material: Seed Corn

Three bulk box capacity trailer with SeedVac power unit and airlock/hopper assembly that rolls on rails between boxes. Fast and easy changeover from one seed variety to the next are hallmarks of this approach.

Industry: Farm
Loading: Planters/Drills
Unloading: Wagons
Material: Seed Soybeans

Many SeedVac owners use gravity wagons for holding their seed soybeans. Here’s a typical Seed Vac installation with the power unit mounted on the back of the wagon.

This ingenious SeedVac owner added a simple swing-out boom to a gravity wagon to make it easier to move the delivery hose.

Industry: Landscape & Construction
Loading: Spreading
Unloading: Trucks
Material: Pellets

Pelletized mulch materials are now being used for wind, moisture, and erosion control for new lawn seedings. The Seed Vac can spread these bulk mulch materials quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Industry: Consumer
Loading: Storage
Unloading: Trucks
Material: Corn for Corn Burning Stoves

Corn burning stoves now on the market burn shelled field corn. As these stoves become more popular, some companies are offering corn delivery services using a Seed Vac to transfer shelled corn to the stove owner’s bulk storage containers.

Industry: Hunting
Loading: Animal Feeders / Bunkers
Unloading: Bulk Tanks
Material: Feed for filling Deer Feeders

Deer & Game Feeders are typically filled with grain or feed pellets. Use a SeedVac and avoid climbing a ladder with 50 lb. bags!

Industry:  Commercial
Loading: Helicopters
Unloading: Trucks
Material: Dry Insecticide

Aerial seeding and insecticide applicators are using the SeedVac to fill airplanes and helicopters. In one unique application, the Seed Vac is being used to fill helicopters with mosquito larvae insecticide.

Industry: Industrial
Loading: Blenders
Unloading: Containers
Material: Plastics

Asphalt companies use the Seed Vac to inject plastic pellets into their asphalt blenders. The combination of these materials makes a high grade paving material.

Industry: Industrial
Loading: Blenders
Unloading: Containers
Material: Coffee Beans

Seed Vacs can be used to gently convey coffee beans and other specialty commodities during various phases of processing.






Industry:  Farm

Loading:  Center fill Planters

Unloading:  Seed Tender

Material:  Seed Corn

The Model 30 Seed Vac makes filling your central fill planter easy to do with the flexible discharge hose that may be extended to help you cross road ditches and fill from hard to reach places.

Features and Options

Power Unit

The power unit is self-contained with a 12-volt battery (Group U1 battery not included) and electric solenoid control. Eliminates messy hydraulics. Air pump is belt driven.

Air Pump

Heavy-duty positive displacement air pump produces powerful air flow for quick, efficient, and gentle transfer of seed to your planter.

Cyclone and Control

Molded plastic cyclone weighs only about seven pounds and gently discharges seed into your planter boxes. Features a handy waterproof switch for easy on/off seed flow control.

Delivery Hose

Light weight yet durable stainless steel delivery hose is very flexible and gentle on your seed.

Quiet-Pac Silencer for SeedVac

All new SeedVacs are equipped with the new Quiet-Pac silencer to substantially reduce blower noise, especially when the SeedVac is under load.

Quiet-Pac silencing technology, initially developed for Christianson’s VacBoss brand of industrial class pneumatic conveyors, reinforces SeedVac’s leadership position in the bulk seed conveyor market.

If your SeedVac is not equipped with Quiet-Pac, a retrofit kit is available. We’ve made it possible for all SeedVac owners to enjoy the benefits of Quiet-Pac.

11 HP Honda Gas Engine

The 11HP Honda engine features a 25 degree tilted cylinder, Oil Alert, and electronic ignition.

Quick Coupler Connectors (optional)

Quick Coupler connectors for SeedVac make it easy to install or remove flexible hoses from the airlock/hopper assembly.

We recommend quick couplers with all SeedVac installations.




Piping and Assessories

Get your rig ready with SeedVac piping and accessories.



Adapters are required for coupling flexible rubber or flexible metal piping. An exclusive Seedcuff™ version for metal flex provides a smoother transition for gentler material handling.

  • Available with Male or Female Camlock Coupler
  • Available as Stub or Seedcuff only without coupler.

Couplers – Camlock

Camlock couplers connect in seconds without separate clamps or bolts. Proper pipe alignment and a good vacuum or pressure seal is assured.

When used with galvanized or stainless steel flex pipe, camlock couplers ensure the correct direction of bulk material flow, improving your vac’s performance and minimizing pipe wear.

Camlock couplers typically are reusable if your flex requires replacement. Reinstall the used camlock couplers on your new flex pipe and you’re set.

Camlock couplers can be used on all makes and models of pneumatic conveyors – just contact us to quote a retrofit!

Couplers – Compression

Use compression couplers to butt-connect straight pipe or stubs. They are commonly used for bin and silo plumbing installations and are available in virtually any diameter. Compression couplers feature a heavy rubber gasket, steel inner sleeve and bolted compression for solid connections

Couplers – Quick for SeedVac

Quick Coupler connectors for SeedVac make it easy to install or remove flexible hoses from the airlock/hopper assembly.

We recommend quick couplers with all SeedVac installations.


Nozzles – Straight

The aluminum straight nozzles feature 360 degree handle and an adjustable air door. A male camlock coupler welded on one end is used for quick attachment to flex piping.

Available with a detachable cleanup head with skids or wheels for easier nozzle handling. Also uses detachable Bell end for improved performance.

Nozzles – Removable Cleanup Head and Bell

For cleanup applications use the detachable flat nozzle with wheels.

For better performance, be sure to use a Bell end on your nozzle to increase bulk material uptake.

Piping – Aluminum – Straight

Use heavy-duty aluminum pipe that is lightweight yet strong and lasts. Available with camlock couplers for fast and easy pipe connection.

Piping – Flex – Galvanized Steel with Stainless Steel Liner

Constructed of hot dipped galvanized carbon steel strip and lined with 302 stainless steel, this flex measures .038″ thick. It is designed to withstand the most grueling applications. It features high-temperature packing and an Easyflo™ smooth bore to minimize grain damage and reduce conveying friction. Also yields higher capacities, greater pipe strength and a longer service life.

Piping – Flex – Stainless Steel

Tackle your toughest applications with the most flexible and easy to handle metal flex. Constructed entirely of 302 stainless steel, this flex is contamination and corrosion resistant. More durable than galvanized flex pipe, its high-temperature packing virtually eliminates air leaks and provides optimum performance.

Piping – Flex – Rubber – Standard

A compound rubber flex formulated to dissipate static electricity and constructed with a rigid PVC helix. The standard rubber flex is lighter and more flexible, making it best suited for clean-up applications. When durability and service life is of primary concern, the heavy-duty rubber flex is recommended.

Piping – Elbows

Use with compression couplers to butt-connect to straight pipe, another elbow or stubs. Also available with camlock couplers attached.

Elbows are commonly used for bin and silo plumbing installations. All elbows are steel grit blasted, primed, and painted.

Available in 15, 30, 45 ,60 and 90 degree bends.

Q-Bit™ Adapter

If you receive your bulk seed in Q-Bit containers, a SeedVac can make planting even easier with the Q-Bit Adapter option. The Q-Bit Adapter slides into place without tools—you can use multiple Q-Bit containers with different seed varieties for more planting flexibility.


Carbon steel reducers provide a smooth transition between two different pipe diameters. Available in numerous configurations with or without camlock couplers attached.

Parts, Service and Support

Toll-free SeedVac service: 800.572.8282.

We know that every minute counts during planting. That’s why we offer you fast customer service with reliable UPS parts delivery anywhere in the USA. Our toll-free customer support lines are ready to put you in touch with experienced SeedVac technicians.

Whether you’re tuning up your SeedVac for the next planting season or looking to upgrade, we’ve got the facilities and experience to support you.


Call us today for:

  • Airlock rebuilding and exchange
  • Air pump rebuilding and exchange
  • Seasonal inspection and tune-up


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Safety Notice – Important – Read This!

Working in and around bins, silos, and tanks
Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardous. You can suffocate and die from the materials stored inside these structures. There also may be explosive, harmful or poisonous gas or dust in the air. A vac operator and all other personnel assisting should strictly adhere to the procedures outlined in “Bin, Silo, and Tank Entry Procedures” before entering a storage structure. For additional details regarding these procedures, reference OSHA Standards.

When entering grain tanks, bins, and silos, also follow these tips – “Bin Entry Do’s and Don’ts” from the Kansas Grain and Feed Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee.


Working with and around your vac
Before using your vac, it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual. Also make sure that EVERYONE operating or near your vac understands and follows all of the safety instructions in the manual.

Remember, a safety-minded, informed operator is the most important safety aspect of your vac. Accidents can be avoided. Do not risk injury or death — be certain that every operator of your vac is well acquainted with all the safety recommendations and operating instructions in the manual. Read “Vac Safety Guidelines”