PET Packaging Technology

SMF Bottle Making Machines & PET Technology


We have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing PET blowing machines and designing solutions for the packaging industry. The development of SMF is the result of continuous efforts focusing on customer needs and the implementation of solutions that make production processes efficient and environmentally friendly.

Today, SMF does not only offer a wide range of modern PET bottle blowing machines, but it also designs and launches new bottling lines, along with full customer support at every stage of the project. Thanks to the trust-based partner relations with our customers, we develop and achieve success together.

Bottle production – SMF machines

SMF’s range of blowing machines includes models for small manufacturers who are looking for compact PET bottle machines
with a capacity of 1000-3000 bottles per hour, as well as blowing machines with a capacity of up to 34,000 bottles per hour.

Thanks to close business cooperation with partners in Europe, SMF also developed its own brand of rotary hot-melt OPP labelling machines (labelling machine for application of hot-melt labels), rotary filling machines (with weighing, volumetric or gravity systems) and bottle packing machines that pack the bottles into collective packaging. The entire production line is designed by
a team of SMF engineers. It is connected and controlled by the SMF conveyor system so that the entire line operates automatically and efficiently.

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