Ventura Flex

Tabletop Corn Tortilla Machine

Easy Making Tortillas!

Making fresh tortillas with the Ventura Flex is simple.

Introducing the first tabletop restaurant style tortilla machine to meet NSF standards. Creating a perfect, ready to cook corn tortilla has never been easier. read more »

Small Yet Powerful

Convenient, small size with big production capabilities.

The machine can be placed on a table, occupying a small 2 x 2 ft. space. read more »

Production Advantages

Controlled Production when you need it most.

When the large influxes of customers come during peak hours, your tortillas will be ready to be delivered to their table. read more »

Additional Benefits

The aroma & flavor of fresh tortillas will leave a lasting impression.

The aroma & flavor of a fresh corn tortilla is distinguishable and will help create recurring clientele. read more »

Ventura Flex Videos

Tabletop Corn Tortilla Machine by Tortilla Masters


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