Indoor Snow Guns

Specialty snowmaking systems for a wide variety of applications

We have developed specialty snowmaking systems for Indoor Snow Areas, Ski Tunnels, Wind Tunnels, Environmental Chambers, and Product Testing Facilities. For your convenience, our specialty systems can be built on a skid that includes components such as pumps, compressors, water coolers, air treatment systems, valves, instruments, automatic controls and any other necessary equipment.

We also offer a family of smaller size snow guns specifically for use in specialty snowmaking systems. The capacity of these smaller snow guns ranges from 1 to 32 gallons of water flow per minute (.06 to 2.02 LPS), and the density of snow made typically ranges from 20 to 32 pounds per cubic foot (320 to 510 liters per cubic meter). Each snow gun makes snow that looks and feels like natural snow.

Ratnik offers a custom designed higher capacity tunnel snow gun for tower mounting. Specifically designed for snowmaking in tunnels.

What are Some Examples of Ratnik Indoor and Specialty Systems?

Some of our unusual snow projects include cross-country ski tunnels, indoor snowboarding half-pipes, automobile test cold chambers, making snow for movie productions, monorail test projects, and battle tank in-snow capability testing.

What is Needed to Make Snow Indoors?

  1. Interior temperature and relative humidity must be maintained at below freezing temperatures.
  2. Snowmaking water must be cooled to about 40°F (+4.4°C) or colder for best efficiency.
  3. Snowmaking water must be above 120 PSI (8.4 bar) pressure.
  4. Compressed air must be cooled to around 40°F or colder for best efficiency.
  5. Compressed air must be moisture free. Moisture can be removed with an air treatment system.
  6. Compressed air must be approximately 100 PSI (7.0 bar) air pressure.

Product Detail

Tunnel Snow Gun

High Capacity Tunnel Snow Gun

Snowmaking for Climatic Wind Tunnel

Indoor Snowmaking

Indoor Snowmaking

Indoor Wind Tunnel Dynamometer

Automobile being tested on a dynamometer in a wind tunnel with machine made snow

Indoor Snowmaking

Indoor Snowmaking

Indoor Snowmaking