TQLZ Series Vibration Cleaner Introduction

TQLZ series vibration cleaner can grade the materials according to the materials granularity, which is widely applicable to clean up materials in the grain processing plant, rice mill, flour mill, oils & fats factory, feed industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc. It combines the screening and winnowing, ensuring grains’ cleanness degree. By changing the sieve plate with different specifications, it is especially suitable for removing large, small, and light impurities from wheat, paddy, corn, and oil plants.

Main Features of TQLZ Series Vibration Cleaner

* Low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation.
*Compact structure, small volume, good sealing performance, high productivity, good cleaning effect.
* Driven by the double-vibration motor, the size of the excitation force, vibration direction, and the screen body angle can be adjusted.
* Equipped with vertical suction duct, no raise dust.
* Effectively prevent the blockage of sieve holes, easy to maintain.

How to Repair & Maintain the Vibration Cleaner?

* Check all the tightening parts frequently, timely tighten the loose parts.
* Rubber blanket is easy to wear, check it regularly, and change the ruptured one timely.
* Clean the sieve plate regularly, strictly prohibit beating the sieve plate by sharp iron.
* Check the sealing condition regularly, replace the broken or aged one.
* An overhaul is required after one year’s operation. Replace the lining board, maintain the sieve surface, remove and check the vibration motor, change the oil for motor bearings.

Vibration Cleaner Technical Parameters

Model TQLZ100 TQLZ125 TQLZ150
Capacity 6-12t/h 8-16t/h 10-20t/h
Power 0.37*2kw 0.37*2kw 0.55*2kw
Air Volume 4000m3/h 5000m3/h 6000m3/h
Net Weight 650kg 700kg 1000kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 2700*1500*1550mm 2700*1750*1550mm 2700*2020*1550mm